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There are a few regrets I cannot abide – that  I might pass on, holding onto grudges or resentments or anger, or that I might leave words of kindness and gratitude left unsaid, either through neglect or some false assumption that they need not be said.

There is no wrong way to reach out and share your heart, but I hold letter and card-writing to be the dearest means of communication and correspondence.  

From the stack of mail on my desk, awaiting replies . . .

Dear Donna, I’m back in London . . . our anniversary is tomorrow, so we’re heading to the Cotswolds for a week. I’m looking forward to seeing the country and a slower pace. I hope you enjoy this tea.  Hugs, Karen


This card is a reminder that you are the best thing on the planet. Just sayin’, Joni


Hello, Donna! I’m settling back into writing snail mail again. Finding this vintage postcard last week in the Outer Banks spurred me on.  Paula


Dear Donna,
I was recently strolling in a bookshop and I noticed a stand displaying a small number of black and white post cards by some famous photographers. This one, by Willy Ronis, immediately caught my eyes and I thought, “Oh! Donna could have made this one!”
I’m glad to send it to you and thus re-activate our friendship which has been quite still these last months. Yet I know our friendship is only asleep but still present in the bottom of our hearts.
I wish you and your dear ones a sunny, creative and happy summer! Odile


Considering my desire for connection, it should come as no surprise that I might contribute to the making of greeting cards.

And I have done just that.

I am honored to be a part of the Cardthartic community.

Others see the rain . . . you help me spot the rainbows.

Others see the rain . . . you help me spot the rainbows.

I protect my photography and writing practice with fierceness. To continue a practice without the expectation of fame or fortune is a humbling act. And yet it would be false to say that I make pictures and write these words for only myself. Showing and sharing my work is a part of the process, a kind of engagement that both widens and deepens my art.

I am suspect of many photography related business ventures, but when I spotted the rack of Cardthartic cards at one of my favorite stationery and gift shops, Mongrel in Richmond, Virginia, I found myself admiring the cards and wondering if I might be a worthy contributor.

From my very first communications with Cardthartic’s creative team of Jodee Stevens and Liz Biswell, I felt as though I’d found a home. Their philosophy of “no pressure, just pleasure,” fit me to a T.  

Dedicated to real-life messages that are true and touching, Cardthartic creates cards that serve to reinforce the goodness and grace of life.

Perhaps there is someone in your life, wanting and waiting to read words like these.

"Thank you for walking beside me, for being a part of my story. Your understanding and encouragement are written on every page."

Photo Credit:  Thanks to Raymie Chapman for taking the photo of this card exchange between me and a new photography friend.