going nowhere


It is sometimes good to stop reading a book midway or even after the first few pages. Life is much too short to spend precious time reading a book you don’t enjoy. But when I love a book, I really love it, and I read it cover to cover taking note of every little thing.

I read, The Art of Stillness — Adventures in Going Nowhere, by Pico Iyer in a single sitting. I was hooked by page 13, when I read this paragraph.

"So much of our lives takes place in our heads—in memory or imagination, in speculation or interpretation—that sometimes I feel that I can best change my life by changing the way I look at it . . .  It’s the perspective we choose—not  the places we visit—that ultimately tells us where we stand."

Reading to the very last page, I read about the photography. I studied the Artist’s Statement by the photographer who made the pictures for the book.

"As soon as I take out my camera I find that stillness within, that deep sense of peace that I crave every day. I get lost in such a beautiful way that it’s hard to describe; it’s as though I find a piece of me that I had lost without really knowing that I lost it. As I sit quietly looking through the viewfinder, my senses become heightened . . . this is what is like to be in the Now, which is really just to be still in mind and body. My photographs come from a place of emotion. They are not an attempt to capture the perfect image, but to capture the feeling I experience as I witness the things in front of me."  Eydis S. Luna Einarsdottir,

There is truth and beauty that can only be seen when we pay attention.

And in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.
— Pico Iyer

Worth watching: The Ted Talk. go.ted.com/stillness