true magic

We live in an ordinary neighborhood, established in the late seventies. The houses and their residents are mix-and-match. On the main drive into our subdivision there is a home where the front lawn is littered with old lawn mowers, dilapidated cars, and bits and pieces of  . . . junk. For years, I thought the home was an eyesore. While I still do not view the unkempt yard as beautiful, I respect the owner’s freedom to live as he sees fit.

Since we do not have a Homeowner’s Association, it’s anything goes where we live.

Mostly we are delighted. Our neighbor across the street had to cut down a damaged tree. He’s been working diligently with his chain saw to create art out of the remaining stump. And today, we were surprised to see a turquoise toilet in his front yard. I’m not quite sure if the toilet is on its way to the garbage or if perhaps it will become a container for beautiful flowers, but either way, it made me smile.

"If you see the world around you as sacred, you move through it with awe. With a sense of wanting to applaud the universe for its magical creation. With a sense of purpose, being the audience of this miracle, wanting to fully appreciate it."  —Leo Babauta, Zen Habits