the great rain storms of summer solstice

Our son, Jacob, was traveling along Route 64 from Richmond to Charlottesville to visit a friend when the dry asphalt road was made shiny and slick by a sudden downpour. He lost control as the car hydroplaned and ended up in a heavily forested median, sideswiping trees along the way. The airbags deployed, the windshield cracked, the front passenger side crumbled and the tire was set loose from the rim.

Somehow he walked away with only a few scratches and bruises.


The memory of the state of the car and the miracle of my son surviving the accident will stay with me forever. And I will forever be grateful.

We’ve picked up the pieces. The totaled car is now in the junkyard. We’ve set about the process of buying a new used car for Jacob – needed for job interviews and work just ahead.


I’ve cried and prayed. And I’ve watched the rain pour almost every day since his accident.

Between showers of rain, I did the only thing that soothes my soul.

I made pictures.

Familiar places in new ways.

Changing my perspective.

Keeping images natural and subtle with stories both simple and ambiguous.


The rain washes over us and we are refreshed. Ready to begin again. Renewed this summer.