Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden | Richmond, Virginia

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden | Richmond, Virginia

I am slowly building a collection of photography books. These are not simply books of photographs I admire, photographs that inspire me, photographs that teach me . . . they are books of photographs that take my breath away. Pictures that leave me longing; pictures that are deeply abiding; pictures that soothe and pictures that discomfort - sometimes one or the other and sometimes both.

My latest find. Botanical by Samuel Zeller.

For two years Samuel has been exploring greenhouses and botanical gardens around Europe.

"Nature protected from the elements inspire me. A painting is hidden behind each window. Flowers sitting on the metal frame, playing with each other on a single plane like on a canvas, leaves growing in the smallest asperity. I found in those gardens the quietude of a museum."

I fell in love with Samuel's work - the organic color palette, the soft focus and texture, the glorious light and the bold, graphic compositions.

The making of a photography book or any personal project is of great interest to me - how little things that seem inconsequential can come together to create a great body of work.