dedicated amateurs

. . . it is always  good to keep your eyes wide open, because you never know what you will discover. The drive to live life more alertly being an instinctive need, whether you are an artist by trade or by desire, the art of seeing well is a necessary skill, which fortunately can be learned.
I hope to approach the art of seeing here in the spirit of an amateur. I mean amateur in the original sense of the word, as a lover, someone who does something for the love it, wholeheartedly. The best amateur has the skills of a professional, but true professionals stay amateurs at heart, keeping a lid on the cynicism and irony that can pass for sophistication in some circles. 
–Michael Kimmelman, art critic, The New York Times



I am happy to have a found a lively group of photographers who meet on Tuesdays at a local coffee shop to talk art and life.

Sharing a few candid photos from the Circle of Confusion's weekly coffee meet-up.

Depending on where I sit in the group the topics vary from tall tales of missed shots to film photography and techniques like back button focus. But no matter the discussion, someone always brings a camera to show and share.

And my personal favorite, when someone brings prints to pass around. I know I can see images on a device, but it just isn't the same for me. I want to study the pictures. I want prints to hold.

Once someone brought along a guest. This is Ozzy the French Bulldog.


What impresses me most about this group is their their outright joy over making photographs.

I am grateful to learn at the hands of those more experienced than me.


And my heart loves this work so deeply . . . it feels good to meet-up with these people who feel the same way.