Maria | Famers Market | Fredericksburg, Virginia | April 2018

Maria | Famers Market | Fredericksburg, Virginia | April 2018

This is the lovely woman who grows and sell herbs at the Farmer's Market.

She gives me advice on my garden.

She is taken aback when I ask to take her picture, seemingly unaware of her distinctive beauty.

Despite her reluctance, she kindly says Yes to a picture or two.

She has those eyes - you know the ones - they sparkle and crinkle at the edges just a little bit.

And one day, you know, a Tibetan woman actually told me, "You need to start mediating on your eyes." So I go to the mirror – same mirror, by the way – and I'm meditating and I start looking into the pupil of my eyes. I just kept on meditating on it, and I saw my soul. And it was like, "Wow, that's a beautiful person inside." And little by little, I started seeing my own beauty and stopped judging myself.  –Zainab Salbi, The Wisdom of Sundays