spring renewal


We are continuing with spring renewal. We’ve spread a truck load of mulch in the yard. The new fridge was delivered yesterday (the old one was twenty-four years old!). The interior walls have a fresh coat of white paint. We’re waiting on new carpet and flooring.

Our youngest son will graduate college on May 12 – on Mother’s Day – and this seems wholly appropriate to me.

I’ve been having fun. At a photography meet-up (one that meets during the daytime which is perfect for a lark like me) I met a new friend who loaned me a twin-lens reflex camera and offered to help me learn about medium format photography.  I went to a letter-writing event hosted by my friend, Susan Carter Morgan. I sat alongside pal, Pete Morelewicz, and wrote thank-you and thinking-of-you cards to a few favorite friends.

My birthday is this week and I am turning fifty-eight. I love this age! I feel full of life and promise and potential. I’m exercising with a well-trained Pilates instructor and it’s making a world of difference in my posture and relieving chronic back pain.

I’ve let myself off the hook for daily picture-taking and writing in this space in order to be fully present with the people I love and the happenings in my life.

I can’t believe I’m saying this since I’m usually wracked by the compulsive need to keep up, accomplish and complete things.

As so often happens, God delivers the message I need by way of the people in my life.

From my friend and life coach, Helen McLaughlin,

Making the call not to follow through on something we've always done can often become a day-long deliberation...at the end of which we still don't do the thing, but we also never let ourselves off the hook for it.
(You might recognize this pattern when you try to just chill out and enjoy a lazy day—only to hem and haw the entire afternoon over whether or not you should really give yourself the whole day or squeeze in some chores or exercise here and there. By evening, you're exhausted because you never really relaxed. And nothing got done. Lose-lose.)
It seems we're holding onto a false, but rather convincing belief that everything in our lives is hanging by a thread...and we have to keep up the breakneck pace; we have to superstitiously rinse and repeat every single week, or else the thing we're building will fall apart just like that.