the time i was a nosy guest

I am not fully aware of the etiquette for visiting a friend’s home for the first time, but I am fairly certain it does not include taking pictures in every room.

But in this case, my friend invited me in and let me have free reign with my camera. This is one of those times when privacy is required so I won’t mention the person’s name or where they live.

The hallmarks of a welcoming home were present and accounted for.

✔ Hospitality.

✔ Natural light.

✔ Color.

✔ Art. Everywhere.

✔ Personal style.

✔ Function.

✔ Mix-and-match.

✔ Quirk.

✔ Books.

✔ Fruits or vegetables on the counter or table.

✔ Pet.


There are no rules for what makes a home truly beautiful.

And there are no rules for welcoming a guest other than to make the person feel at home.