I set out with this intention – to tune in to the experience of simplicity, rather than look for things that I think should fit that description.

I am still fairly literal in my interpretation of concepts for photographs. I practice approaching photography from a contemplative perspective where the elements of color, texture, simplicity, light and space assume greater importance.

I study the work of other photographers who recognize that seeing and thinking are very different.  See the work of Anna Karaulova.

Thinking relates to the world through ideas and mental images. Seeing perceives things directly, just as they are. Clear seeing is not covered over by thoughts of beautiful and ugly, good and bad, worthwhile and worthless. –Andy Karr, Seeing Fresh

It stretches me to see in this way. I have to let go of a long- standing conversation I have in my head.  I practice.

"Just start, " I say to myself.

And when I see these simple pictures,  I think, “If I didn’t do anything more than this, wouldn’t it be enough?”