We look for the convenient over the difficult, the quick and easy over struggle and meaning.
— Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

I’ve been guilty of this.

And I’ve done all of this, craving wholeness.

We try to fill this craving with consumerism. Buying things instantly gives us a feeling of satisfaction. Not a lasting satisfaction, not real fulfillment, but a boost of excitement. It doesn’t satisfy the craving . .  . We try to fill it with food, with TV, with shopping at big stores … but none of that brings greater satisfaction beyond momentary pleasure.

But there has been a shift in me over this last season, and the change is good.

Even this project of photographing 100 strangers reflects my fresh outlook.

The wholeness of being completely OK, no matter where we are, no matter what we’re doing. Of being absolutely in love with our experience, of not needing anything more.

I am absolutely in love with this project that is about so much more than taking pictures.

There is the necessity of letting the photographs happen naturally as I go about my life. There is no goal to take a picture each day, no need to rush or accomplish. It may take a few months or it may take years to finish. Somewhere along the way, it may become clear that there is no need or desire to continue, and this is okay, too.

I am content to learn. It feels as though I am doing something meaningful. I trust that my wholeness comes from my connection to everything around me.

With each new person I photograph, I notice the goodness in my heart and the kindness of strangers.

Tuttie | Courthouse Cafe | Spotsylvania, Virginia | March 2018

Tuttie | Courthouse Cafe | Spotsylvania, Virginia | March 2018