I am braver in the morning.

It’s best that I not overthink things and just move forward with faith.

“Hi. I’m working on a project trying to photograph 100 strangers. I couldn’t help noticing your lovely smile. May I take your picture?”

With the smile came a demure head nod. “Yes, you may.”

Click, click, and click.

The Barista asks the young woman, “Are you a model?” And the young woman says, “No, I’m helping this lady with her photography project.”

“Thank you. My name is Donna. I really appreciate your kindness.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Brigitte.” (Pronounced like this)

We look at her photograph on the LCD screen together and both of us seem happy and pleased.

Latte in hand, Brigitte ventures off to the rest of her day.

My day is already wonderful just for this single encounter.

Brigitte | Lamplighter Coffee | Richmond, Virginia | March 2018