it's blowing a gale out there

We’ve had gale force winds in our area and many families are without power. Today is the day for calmer weather and clean-up.

Taking a ride to relax.  Stopping here and there along the way.

Photos of an old dump truck and what looks to be the remnants of a grain co-op on Lewiston Road, deep in Spotsylvania County.


Reading a thoughtful blog post from the creative community over at ViewFinders on The Inner Critic.  This is the subject that lurks in the shadows, the one we all know about but hate to discuss for fear bringing it into the light will somehow reveal our weakness.  This is true and not true because when we are our most vulnerable, we are often most powerful.

I like this advice on coping with my Inner Critic from Audrey Amaro.

”All things are yours.”  1 Corinthians 3:22

This scripture is my reminder that Grace can be found anywhere in absolutely, anything. This realization has been like a thunderbolt in my life.