rainy day escape

It’s raining cats and dogs here with weather predictions for a wintry mix tomorrow.

We’re hunkered down inside the house working on taking down wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom. We are long overdue for basic home improvements like paint and flooring. It’s been 21 years since we last painted our interior walls. Our refrigerator is 24 years old and the handle is held together by duct tape. The sofa cushions are flat and the recliner fabric is threadbare. We’ve put off this work mostly due to financial constraints.  College tuition is expensive and it was our top priority to help both of our sons with education expenses.

So here we are. Back where we started. Just the two of us. Working hard to make a good life.

Stopped for a short break from the wallpaper removal (which really must be the job they assign you in hell). I need to stretch my aching neck and shoulders. From the window in the dining room, overlooking the front porch, I can see the signs of spring. Despite the steady rainfall, there is a robin splashing in a puddle on the road, side-stepping foot to foot in a happy dance. The finches chirp in conversation at the bird feeder. The cardinals peck along the ground under the feeder searching for their lunch. The squirrel plays on the porch, scurrying between the bird houses, slithering along the rustic wooden table, trying to dry off. The scene is animated and I am mesmerized by the wonder of it all.

I pull myself away. It’s time to go back to work.