I love you, I'll stay with you forever

Another favorite photographer whose work I'm loving deeply. Matt Eich. I first saw Matt's work in the Unbound exhibit at Candela Books + Gallery in Richmond, Virginia in June 2016. I was immediately drawn to his images - pictures of scenes that made my heart ache. Matt's book, I Love You, I'm Leaving was written in response to a time of great upheaval and loss for his family. Out of our pain, comes some of our most meaningful work.

But I remind myself that meaningful work can also come from the everyday moments when life is simple and good. Sitting across the table from the man I love.

Despite our intimacy, the people I am closest to are unknowable, and will always remain a mystery to me.I photograph with the knowledge that our place in this world is tenuous, comprised of little more than memory and story. Memory is fragile; the moments are fleeting and have to be wrestled into a permanent state
— Matt Eich