at home

One of the wonderful things about being a photographer is the ability to make pictures of and for people I love.


I’d be the first to admit that I feel the burden of expectations acutely. As such, I doubt I’ll ever be the photographer to take those treasured family portraits, to document a wedding, or produce the perfect head shot.


But I will always be the photographer who can immerse herself in the moment and take a few snapshots that reflect both what I see and what I feel.


I am immensely grateful for this gift.

This beautiful young mother is my niece and she is holding her sweet baby girl.

They are not part of my ongoing 100 Strangers Project. They are a part of my family.


Family traditions, like gatherings for birthdays, sharing dinners around the Walton-family-sized table, in the home of my mother-in-law, steady us for the swirl of life.


What I feel as I take these images is a deep sense of what it means to be at home.