finding my way

I walk a lot. I doubt you could call it hiking. My heart rate doesn't get fast enough for it to count as aerobic exercise. I stopped  counting the steps when I threw my Fitbit in the trash.  (When I got frustrated because it counted steps and distance inaccurately lower and less, I knew I was way too concerned with the outcome rather than the journey. Unhealthy.)

I suspect, that to a casual passerby, I look perpetually lost. I stop often. I look up and down streets, first one way and the other. I stoop to examine things on the ground. I smile and wave at strangers. I walk into coffee shops, peer over fences, stare into windows, gaze at reflections, including my own. I make friends with dog owners and dogs and stroll down alleyways as though I live nearby.

I wander, explore, and discover. Without fail, I find something interesting. I have a post-it-note on my camera bag that says, "Just Start."

I get turned around easily. I carry my phone just in case. 

I tell myself - Even if I lose my way, I'll be okay.