too good to be true

I miss music in my life.

I am of the generation that listened to music on vinyl albums played on a record player. I dated through the season of 8-tracks, recorded and played college lectures on cassette tapes, danced with my young children to tunes on compact discs, and loaded my iPod shuffle with fast-paced rock to train for races. But somehow as we transitioned to streaming music, I got left behind.

I’m trying to catch up, and in some ways, I barely know where to begin. My college-aged son declares music has never been more accessible, but I feel as though the joyous act of finding and listening to music has become complicated. I’m not giving up.

I spent an hour this evening listening to music on YouTube instead of dong the other stuff I maybe should have been doing. I danced around the den, much of the time in front of the wall mirror, like a kid. I stopped dancing and spent another 10 minutes researching how hard it might be for a 57-year old woman with no musical training to learn to play the guitar. In case you’re interested, the articles all said it’s possible, but I could tell they were lying.

I hit upon a couple of different versions of Can’t take my eyes off you originally recorded by Frankie Valli. Listening to that song is like falling in love all over again.

Listen. This version by Stan Taylor.  And this one by Gama.

Then I spent another 10 minutes, with Can’t take my eyes off you playing in the background, looking for dance classes in my area. I came up with ballroom dancing lessons, Jazzercise, and Line Dancing for Seniors. This is not what I had in mind. What do I call the dance I do before the mirror? The one my sixteen-year old self perfected that still resides in memory like the ease and comfort of well-worn jeans.

It’s unlikely I will learn to play the guitar or sing. I’ll probably just dance for fun in the way that comes naturally. I know we can appreciate beautiful art or music, just as we can appreciate the way an athlete excels at a sport, without having to actually play. But, it’s exhilarating to play, and we all know it.

The closest I come to this kind of creative play is when I hold the camera in my hands and lift it to my eye.

You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you.