a photo to remember

There are many iconic photographs, but one of my personal favorites is the cover of Carole King’s Tapestry album.

The photo was taken by Jim McCrary, chief photographer of A&M Records. I did a little research and discovered that Jim took several photographs of Carole King on that day. Her tabby cat was moved from a pillow across the room to be included in the frame of the last shot, and it was this simple change that made that picture the best of the session.  Introducing Carole’s cat into the picture brought the personal touch – such that we really felt those words as true – “you’ve got a friend.”

I must have played that album hundreds of times and now my 20 year-old son has his own vintage copy.


As a photographer, I love to study this album cover. The picture was taken with Carole looking out the window from her home in Laurel Canyon, California.

Natural light.


Jeans and bare feet.

Natural curly hair not flat-ironed to death.

Carole so perfectly framed and focused while the cat moves with soft blur.

And those soft- muted tones . . .

this photo is everything a really good photo should be.