spreading christmas cheer

I think of myself as a photographer who writes, and I have a deep appreciation for the way creativity seeps into our lives, infusing us with vibrancy. It’s fascinating to me how many people have multiple creative interests and how those endeavors overlap and provide a scaffold for each other.

I think it’s good to have a lot of projects going at once so you can bounce between them. When you get sick of one project, move over to another, and when you’re sick of that one, move back to the project you left. Practice productive procrastination.
— Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist

So of course, I immediately fell in love with the work of Naomi Ernest — artist, writer, and photographer. At first it was her series of photographs, Understanding Others, that drew me in.

And then I signed up for her newsletter and this beautiful poem, titled Spectacle, arrived in my Inbox, all about the beauty of snow.

A few lines . . .

On frozen dirt, the lacy clean
sifts like fine remembering,
a white tablecloth spread lightly
in anticipation. Like a hint.
Like heirloom calm. Without bluster,
motionless, season’s softer breath.
— Naomi Ernest

I couldn’t wait to shop my local Target for greeting cards with her artwork, Calm Waters, by Minted. I even found gold glittery washi tape and coordinating stickers to complete my stationery kit for holiday letter writing. I’m not much for ready-made Christmas cards, but I love to write merry letters to my pen pals, and I can’t wait to use these gorgeous cards. I am super picky about paper and printing and often find commercial cards to be of poor quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the cards from Minted. Naomi’s design of lapping waves is a thoughtful inspiration for the New Year and for every fresh-start, do-over, and rough patch we face.

The cards are so beautiful they’d be perfect framed for home decor, too.

Just because it feels good to share good things and support good people, I’m happy to introduce my friends and readers to Naomi Ernest.

It’s a pleasure to meet her and celebrate her work.