creativity as a response to a question

Artists and photographers often view holding a question as the ideal working state. They work from not-knowing, from humility and inquiry, without knowing exactly what they may find through the creative process.

Artists and inventors are prone to asking, What if? What if I try this or that? What works and what doesn’t work in an evolving creation?

Inquiry breeds opennes.

—David Ulrich, Zen Camera

I don't typically choose a word of the year, but there is surely a shift in my intention moving forward, to question long-held beliefs and assumptions, test theories and ideas to see if they really hold water, and most of all to trust my own instincts.

I hope this questioning will impact my photography, helping me to let loose and play, find my own way, and be happy in that place.

This striving to be free and empty, kind of beginner’s mind, invites learning.

Just a few examples from my real life:

I picked up a book at the library, Better Balance for Life by Carol Clements, intending to help my husband work through the exercises. As I read the book and we did the exercises together, I noticed that a few simple changes in the way I stand and walk significantly lessened my own chronic back pain.

Open a book and open my mind.

And, like millions of people, I am sick and tired of being on a diet. I’m tired of labeling foods as good or bad. Tired of restriction. Tired of feeling ashamed of my body. And tired of New Year’s resolutions related to weight that are doomed before they are even uttered. Questioning and curiosity led me to a new way of thinking, getting rid of the diet mentality once and for all.

Wishing you a new year where you can stand openly in the space between what you know and what you can learn.