the more the merrier

Honestly, I am often out-of-the-loop.

And this not being in-the-know is mostly my own doing. For reasons that are personal and probably not very interesting to anyone other than me, I don’t listen to any news programs or read newspapers or news feeds. I broke up with social media almost a year ago and never looked back.

I still love to read blogs. I know. Old school. But aren’t blogs making a comeback? Do you still read blogs?

I stay abreast of photography inspiration and education through a wide variety of curated sites.

I organize, share and read what matters to me by way of Feedly.

I treat my Inbox like a precious container filled with helpful and interesting things to read.

Once in a while I am truly surprised. Reading an email from Squarespace today, I learned about Unsplash. I love squarespace — it’s easy to use, professional, reliable and beautiful. So when they send me an email, I read it and pay attention.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 16.56.44.png

Unsplash has been around since 2014 and I have never heard of it! I made a beeline to their website to see what all the fuss was about.

Beautiful, free photos.

Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

This whole business of photographers giving their work away for free seemed like a recipe for de-valuing the art of photography at worst and a questionable business practice at best.

But I am in the phase of life where I question every assumption and take very little at face value. I wanted more information. And I found a variety of thoughtful posts on the topic and a whole world of beautiful photographic inspiration in the process.

Joshue Earle writes Why I let people use my photos, even for free.

And you might recall, I shared the stunning botanical photographs from Samuel Zeller a few months back. He is a contributor to Unsplash and he writes about his experience. I’ve been sharing my photography for free on Unsplash for the past 4 years, here’s what I found.


This is a conversation I want to join. It is my way to gather all the information and try to make what I think is the “right” choice. But in most cases, there is no right choice, just the best one we can make at the time with what we know.

And in this case, my heart is all in. Because ultimately photos sitting on a hard drive are useless. So I am contributing to Unsplash.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for every reader, every friend who makes time to visit this place and share in this practice.

Please click on the picture below, pop over to Unsplash, and download this photograph from my fall plant study as my gift to you.

A small way to say thank you for the kindness you’ve shown. Happy Thanksgiving!

. . . it's not about getting famous or making money. We are making lives that include art, reverence, quiet, spaciousness, and inward attention. – Holly Wren Spaulding