Crabtree Falls — Nelson County, Virginia

Pondering Nicole Gulotta’s post on The Four Phases of Creativity . . .

Feeling as though I am somewhere between Phase 3, Divergence ~

“Once you’ve honed your voice, the divergence phase often involves becoming known for something—a particular style or point of view.“

and Phase 4, Crisis ~

“If you’re in crisis, you’ve likely amassed a unique body of work. You have a platform. You’re known for something, and you’re good at it. Then you want more . . . Yet even though we’re craving something new, there’s a real fear in taking the first steps. We risk failure, and in a way that feels even bigger than before. What do to? Either go back to the first phase—deepening existing skills or learning something new—or, stay here and become stagnant.”

Nothing like a little adventure to push me forward, out of the places I tend to get too comfortable.