pacing myself

Nicole Gulotta shares her thoughts on the art of slow writing in her recent post.

And honestly, if I had a wrinkle-free expanse of skin, I’d get her manifesto as my first tattoo.

01 | First comes the body

02 | One thing at a time

03 | Stay the road

04 | Comparison is the enemy of creativity

Really, her thoughts apply not only to writing but to any creative work and more broadly to slow living in general.

“When you do less, you have more energy, time, and enthusiasm for the things that matter the most to you. And focusing in on those catapults your results in ways that feel miraculous but turn out to be a logical result of giving what matters your attention.” —Kate Northrup

It’s a battle for me to pace myself. I know well that I only have two working signals, green for go and red for full stop. I am wired without a yellow light for caution. My husband is a relaxed person and he knows when to rest. He seldom pushes himself to do more or go faster, and he is pretty much always happy. I’m following his lead these days, pacing myself and enjoying the adventure of life in a slower fashion.