listening to art

Really, you just gotta love David duChemin.

He’s never afraid to go out on a limb and speak his mind.

Every post from David makes me question my approach to photography.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite quotes from David’s most recent essay, Art: To Like or To Listen?

“Art is not always a statement or an expression. It is, or it can be, just as often a question or an exploration.”

“All art can be, for both creator and audience, a means of digging around in the dirt of being alive. A way to discover what we’re looking at and how we look. It’s a way to be more alive in this world. It should not, I don’t think, be clean, and free of nuance. Because life might be many things but it is never that.”

“Want to be a better photographer? Learn to get past like, to listen, to learn to challenge your assumptions and tastes.”