winter break

Be in love with your life
every detail of it. 
–Jack Kerouac

Parenting has no expiration date. There is no well-defined moment that marks the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. Rather, there is a gradual transition whereby young adults mature and claim their own lives fully and parents loosen their hold and welcome the independence of their offspring.

Up and down we move, working our way toward see-saw rhythm. He wants nothing to do with us. And then he does. He is excited about his grades as the A’s roll in from his most challenging college semester, and he wants to tell us. He doesn’t like what he used to like because he’s changed. No chocolate. Not that kind of shirt.  It takes us awhile to catch up. He is annoyed by us until he needs us, and we roll our eyes because we get the feeling we are his hotel and his ATM machine.

We try not to let resentment build, so we air our grievances, and we all feel lighter. He lets me take pictures of his room . . . because he knows I am sentimental about such things. One day soon, this will likely not be his room anymore.

He lounges on the couch and lets me point my camera his way, smiling his 2 year-old smile from inside his 20 year-old body.

I melt because I am in love with every detail of it all.