photographing yellow

Yellow is the color to alert the hospital staff that a patient is at-risk for a fall. A yellow bracelet, a yellow blanket draped across her lap, yellow slipper socks. A hip fracture alongside dementia accounts for the risk.


But yellow is also the color of photographer Cig Harvey’s magical book, You an Orchestra, You a Bomb.

Harvey’s magic is in her eyes, the instrument in her hands, and a mind full of invention. She subverts expectations with light that misbehaves most beautifully and dark that harbors surprises
— Vicki Goldberg

Life in a hospital is pretty much hurry up and wait. We wait for the doctor to make rounds, for the nurses to deliver pills, for food services to deliver meals, for therapists and IV technicians, and all of the many services and people that are needed to put Mom back together again.


There is a lot of in-between time. And reading Cig’s book was my favorite pastime.

With every turn of the page, I felt alive, even in the small space of the room. For long moments, I was transported by art; my spirits lifted by dense color. Cautionary yellow was replaced by carefree yellow, the yellow of finches and daisies and sunshine.  


Mom is back in her room on Memory Lane, where her friends greeted her with open arms and great joy. Yesterday she stood and walked 10 steps with her walker with assistance. Today, we painted her nails and danced to Elvis and ate Fig Newtons with orange juice. We are slowly making our way to this next chapter of our story.


I love this line from Cig Harvey

But I am fearless and my life is a photograph.

Thank you, Cig, for keeping me company on an arduous journey.