Fill'er up! on Route 1

From the insightful Nicole Gulotta

When we’re struggling to move forward on our work, we’re often caught in a downward spiral of paying more attention to what everyone else is doing. That makes it pretty difficult to listen in close and hear our voice.
Once I closed the books, stopped checking Instagram so much, and reminded myself that I’m the only one who can tell my story, it’s been easier.
Not easy, but easier.

On the same subject, of comparison, I read this in Darling magazine, Issue 22.

The open secret we all know to be true is that the social spaces have evolved beyond simple methods to share unique moments and images to platforms where we aspire to our best selves, often blurring literally and figuratively, the real image and moment for one that is altered to be more beautiful, happier, more successful, more perfect. There is nothing wrong with the motive and everything wrong with the method.

I'm giving these  thoughts serious consideration, trying to let go, just a little more, so that the person I listen to most is me. So that the photographs I take while pumping gas into my car make me happy and satisfied. So that the pictures I make are not only interesting but original.