going deeper

This quote from creative coach Jen Carrington is just what I needed to hear this week.

Sometimes the bravest thing we can do as creatives is to stay the course, devote ourselves to our craft and our path, and have the courage to go deeper into our business and our creative journey so we can find more fulfillment, impact, and focus along the way, even if it doesn't look as exciting on the outside as going wider sometimes can.

Because I spend so much time at the hospital with my mother this week, my picture-taking is different. There are constraints on time and place and even on my own energy. I find myself longing to make these kinds of pictures. I know these pictures are not for everyone. But they are all me, and this kind of rawness feels right. Even if it doesn’t look exciting on the outside, there are big things going on inside.

Before heading to the hospital, we stop for breakfast and I snap these pictures at the 2400 Diner. I feel warm and comforted by this familiar place. There is no time to fuss over composition or settings, but there is that soft light whispering my name, calling me deeper.