We all know that life is unpredictable and that our attempts at control and planning are largely acts of folly. My friend, Rebecca, wrote yesterday sharing details of her life and with her usual wisdom, reminded me that life is mostly about letting go. And she is, of course, right.

In the morning, I went about my daily routine. There are things to do like laundry, errands to run with a stop by the post office, detours for a short photo walk on this brisk winter morning. The usual.

And then life throws me a curve and I swerve. My mother, who has dementia and lives nearby on Memory Lane, took a fall and broke her hip. The day that began in such an ordinary way, ended in the Emergency Department of our local hospital. If she is cleared by the cardiologist, Mom will have surgery today or tomorrow to repair the fracture and then she'll return to her home away from home for rehab and the next leg of this journey.

We are blessed in many ways. We do not walk this path alone. I have my sisters, my best friends. We pass the long hours waiting in the hospital with funny stories from our childhood and our best memories. While Mom lays in a morphine haze, we fuss over her and tend to her, grateful for this chance to repay, even in some small measure, the kindness and care she's given to us for all our lives.

I'm headed to the hospital this morning, camera packed safely in my bag at-the-ready. Because even though letting go and swerving off the road is frightening, it is also worth noticing and experiencing deeply and fully - through the viewfinder for me.