it's my pleasure to meet you

Despite the vastness of the internet, the world wide web can feel like a lonely place. On my worst days, I wonder where my words and photographs land, and if this work matters at all. But on my best days, days like this one, I get to meet a real someone – a reader, a friend – in person and we walk and talk, laugh and take pictures together just like old friends. Peggy lives in Pennsylvania and reads this journal, and I read her blog, Season to Season, and so we know a little about one another, from glimpses in photographs and reading between the lines.

Peggy noticed from my pictures and stories that I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and as it turns out both of her sisters live in Virginia, too. On her visit here to celebrate their birthday month (all three sisters were born in September), she made time for a photo walk with me.

We ambled along the side streets of downtown, stopping along the way to take a few pictures, sharing our views with each other. Peggy tends to approach a scene from an angle, always looking to lead us into her pictures. I tend to approach most things head on because I am in love with strong graphic shapes and lines these days. I tried it her way and she tried it mine. We had a time limit of an hour or so as I needed to deliver her back to her sisters for the rest of their special day, but it was not nearly long enough. One last stop by the Farmers Market to smell the fresh peaches.

Even though we must fiercely protect our identity, our privacy, and our time, it seems a shame to stay totally anonymous.

It’s my pleasure to meet you.