The Easiest Plant You’ll Ever Grow

I’ve taken many pictures of tomatoes at our local Farmers Market and eaten more than my fair share this season. Summertime BLT’s with tomato juice dripping from my chin and rolling down my forearms is reason enough to call life good.

But for all my appreciation of tomatoes, both plain and fancy, I’ve never had much luck growing my own. My husband and I have tried numerous times, and ultimately we ended up with the proverbial $64 Dollar Tomato.

This year we took a more relaxed approach and plopped a couple of inexpensive cherry tomato plants in the flower bed. They took off and flourished with little care – water and filtered sun. At first we were just excited that they lived, and then we were thrilled to see dainty yellow flowers, and finally tiny green tomatoes. The twin plants tower high above my head and we’ve staked them with sticks and twine. To keep the squirrels away my husband rigged a little clothesline along the edge of our garden and suspended aluminum pie plates. They twirl in the afternoon breeze, tinkling against one another. In the evening they reflect the lights of cars passing by and I keep thinking we have company pulling in. I am not at all certain the pie plates do anything to deter the squirrels, but it makes my husband happy to think they do – because it was his idea.

Every day we harvest handfuls of cherry red tomatoes and another variety, pear-shaped and yellow. And every day I am happy with our bounty.