in the mix

When you are a part of the scene, so is the viewer.  –Henry Carroll

I spent the first weekend of autumn with my childhood friend, Karen, in Kent Island, Maryland.

We like to plan our time together around some outdoor adventure, and so we participated in the Ride for Clean Rivers sponsored by the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy. Led by the Maryland State Troopers we headed across busy Route 50 and proceeded to ride through 20 miles of rural farmland. The ride was low key and relaxing with lots of friendly folks, both riding and waving to us along the way.

After the ride, a great barbecue meal, and a refreshing shower, we explored the surrounding area. We ended up in the town of Oxford, watching the vehicles board the last ferry of the day crossing over to Bellevue. As I aimed my camera at the loading dock and ferry, I was aware of two things. Well, maybe three things. At 6pm, the light was golden yellow and still really bright, probably too much contrast for a great image. There was a lot going on in the frame, a confusion of sign, boat, car, person, and ferry. No singular subject here. And, the young man in the photo waved and politely asked, “You want me in or out of your photo?” I smiled and waved. “In, of course.”  In this case, the person and the place share equal importance within the frame.

In both photographs, I was in the mix, a part of the fleeting scene. Just as I like it.