in places around home

When we made plans to visit the small town of Remington, north of Culpeper, we knew what to expect. Like many of the towns we visit, there would be no fast food chains or big box stores, but there would likely be a post office, a pharmacy, a barber shop, and maybe a diner. We walked along Main Street stopping in Grove's Hardware store. The worker shared the history of the building and took us for a ride on the old wooden elevator platform where we could watch the brick counterweights lower as we rose to the second floor. From way up high, we took in the sweeping view of rural farmland with the Shenandoah mountains on the horizon.

It’s not always about those big ol’ grandiose trips or constantly living by the seat of my pants. There are so many places around my own home that I want to explore and some of the people I admire most are the ones that find adventure right outside their door. . .
— Chris Burkard