It is fortunate for me that my notion of adventure is broad; that my wanderlust is satisfied by close-to-home travels; and that my friends are of the kind and generous nature whereby they share their home, their time, and their love. Our budget is limited and faraway travels are not likely to enter the picture, and yet we are transported by this beautiful undeveloped beach with its pristine sandy shoreline, a worthy rival to any exotic resort.

Spending time with dear friends at their home on the Little Wicomico River, we set out to explore nearby Hughlett Point Natural Area Preserve. Even from the driving directions I am happy. There is no mention of Interstate travel or traffic, no tickets to purchase or luggage to pack and check.

From Kilmarnock, go north on VA 200 towards Burgess. Turn right onto VA 606. Turn right at the Shiloh schoolhouse onto VA 605. Follow VA 605 to the preserve.

The signs are good. There are words like wetlands, dunes, upland forests, eagles, osprey and waterfowl.   

Our friends describe our destination most aptly. This is a place we go to again and again without ever growing tired of the view. There is always something different to see as the seasons change.


They are right. This place is peaceful and calm and the trail is a walking mediation.

Walking allows us to be in our bodies and in the world without being made busy by them. It leaves us free to think without being wholly lost in our thoughts.
— Rebecca Solnit