you can bet your boots

I’m not naturally curious about what gear other photographers use. This is mostly because cameras, like automobiles, all look pretty much the same to me. As long as the car will move forward when I press on the accelerator, I’m good to go. Likewise, as long as the camera will record the image when I press the shutter release, I’m happy. It took me forever to learn to use my camera; I’m not keen on learning to use another one.

Still I enjoy the “What’s in my bag?” or “My Gear” pages that many photographers include on their websites. It’s a little like being invited into someone’s home where the host offers you a tour. I love seeing the cameras and tools other photographers use to make pictures and how they organize their gear. When a photographer shares a great find – a camera shop, a favorite book, a new lens or tripod – I am grateful for the anecdotes.

As Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before, says, “we are both more alike AND more different that we realize.” And so it is, that sometimes I learn from fellow photographers and artists, adopting new habits, and sometimes I find their way just isn’t for me.

I carry my camera in the trunk of my car every day along with a few other essentials, namely these boots. I don’t know how I made out without them before. I wade into water, traipse through ivy and tall weeds, cross over ditches, and slop through mud or areas where I think there might be a snake or a frog or freaky beetles. I don’t know if boots are considered photography gear, but I count them as essentials.