searching high and low

These images were taken on an almost-fall day where clouds danced across the sky creating periods of soft light. As is my habit, I walked the the streets of my city, searching high and low for scenes that call to me, waiting to be photographed.


Searching high.

Growing up in a small town in Virginia, I was surrounded immediately by the Potomac River and just beyond by fields of corn and soybeans. My hometown of Colonial Beach had a population of maybe 3000 folks and there were 30 kids in my graduating class. There was one traffic light in the town, not the red/yellow/green version but a single blinking caution light.

As I young child, I remember traveling to Fredericksburg for shopping, doctor appointments, restaurants and movies. Fredericksburg was definitely "city" to me. Even then I loved downtown, with the spires of churches and department store windows. The Executive Plaza, pictured above, was built in 1974 (when I was 14 years-old), and at 85 feet it is still the tallest building in Fredericksburg. I remember being fascinated with the building's modern architecture and mirrored tiles. To me, this sleek superstructure was an awesome skyscraper, and the first one I'd seen in person.

And low.

I stopped to photograph this scene of tiny crab apples along the brick wall of the rescue squad building. Like colorful raindrops scattered along the ground, these little pieces of autumn portend the downfall of vibrant leaves and acorns to follow.