Art Attack

A little history on the Art Attack Project.

Founded by Bill Harris and Gabriel Pons in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Art Attack was originally conceived as a way to build solidarity amongst practicing artists. They recognized that whether you're just starting out or a seasoned veteran, it's always better to be connected to a broader community of creative minds. By occupying public space in an inclusive and constructive manner, Art Attack benefits not only the participants, but also the community at large.

An invitation to join in the fun.

Art Attack is a grassroots event that gets folks out of the studio and into the streets. By collectively making art in public, you get to meet fellow artists, share your creative process, and celebrate your local arts community. It's free to participate and all artists are welcome. Whether you're painting, drawing, sculpting, or whatever—if you can do your thing outside, we want you there!

On this past Saturday, downtown was alive with art.

A gorgeous day with gorgeous art in my hometown.

What an honor to meet so many talented artists, watch them work, and take photographs that celebrate the spirit of the creative process.

In my own way, I was a part of Art Attack, practicing my photography and connecting to my community.

I am finding my tribe.