closer than you think

The best places to take photographs are closer than you think.

From David duChemin, on where to make photographs –

The best places are within; places of receptivity and possibility, of courage. They are places into which you go empty and emerge filled. You will find none of these on a map or in a guidebook.
They are places to which you can often never return, and to which nothing but your curiosity can lead you. And I want so much just to be able to put my finger on a map and say, “Here, friend. This is where the magic is.” But whether it is or it isn't depends not on the place but on the eyes with which you see it.  

Even when I imagine that there is nothing left to photograph in my town, that I have combed every street and taken every picture, that the pictures I make will be uninteresting and boring, I am wrong. I need only to set off on foot and sink deeply into the walking. To see, to feel, to trust. And, as if by magic, I am transported by wonder. I am lost. I make something so much better than my expectations.