He showed me how he bounces a ball against the brick wall and catches it with one hand – sometimes the right hand and sometimes the left.

He told me about his plans to go to Kings Dominion this week with his grandfather, whom he affectionately calls simply “G.”

He showed me how he climbs trees and hangs from branches.

He told me told me that his favorite television show is Sponge Bob Square Pants, and his favorite car is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. I told him that Uncle Dave and I owned a Dodge Challenger when we first got married a long time ago. This makes us cool – still.

He showed me how to make shadow puppets in the golden sun of the day’s end.

He told me he likes plaid shirts and bowties and snazzy shoes.

He showed me just how wondrous life is when you are seven years-old and summer feels like it might just go on forever.