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Feeling wistful about the dwindling days of summer, I looked forward to the penultimate performance for Music on the Steps at the library. I've played the "Station Wagon" CD by Cabin Creek over and over this summer in my car on errands around town, on road trips down rural routes, and on roadside picnics, and seeing them in person was high on my list of summer adventures.

With darkening skies and lightning, the concert was moved inside to the library theater. I am not confident taking pictures indoors, but I snagged a front row seat, turned up the camera ISO to 3200 and hoped for the best.

What a blast! In this small venue, the band was relaxed and the concert became less a performance and more a personal interchange. Little things like instrument tuning and a missing band member only made the concert more real, more genuine. We are rooting for the success of these Virginia musicians, and I'm happy for all 20 pictures I took.

Formed in the hills of Virginia, Cabin Creek is built on a foundation of old time string band music from their childhood. All four members have been active musicians for over ten years, and their collective expertise culminates in the mature and concise songwriting of this project. Vowing to never over-process or over-edit their music, Cabin Creek is on a mission to restore some of what has been lost in the new wave of the music industry.

Sharing my favorite of the photographs . . . this one that feels the most authentic for me . . . the one that tells a story about a musician who loves mountains and a little boy who I bet is his son. And like Cabin Creek, I'm on my own mission to restore some of what has been lost in the new era of digital photography, vowing to never over-process or over-edit my images.

Cabin Creek Band

Cabin Creek Band