We take our time

Dear Dave,

When I write, I usually require complete silence. You know this because I make you turn off the television so I can concentrate.

But when I process photos I can sometimes listen to music, often indie contemporary folk, where Pandora makes selections for me. Even though the music is intended to be a background for my work, the lyrics often move to the foreground and before I know it I’m grabbing a pen and jotting down words and phrases and off on some tangent. I’m not crazy over some aspects of photo processing, and the endless decision-making drains my energy. But music rescues me.

Just a few days before our 36th wedding anniversary, I’m working away at the computer, and I hear this song, Manhattan Moon, by Lucy Kaplansky. I’m humming the chorus and as the words repeat, I think of you . . . and me.

This is the refrain of our life.

I used to travel in a straight line
Now I'm walking on a road that winds
You take my hand and we take our time
We take our time

I’m the luckiest woman in the whole wide world to have found you and marrying you was the best decision of my life.

Here’s to winding roads and holding hands,
All my love,

photo courtesy of  @jacobhopkinz

photo courtesy of @jacobhopkinz