I subscribe to LensWork magazine and though the images are intriguing, it is primarily the essays that keep me coming back. I look forward to the Editor’s Comments by Brooks Jensen and Creative Thinking with Guy Tal.

In the latest issue, No. 131 – August 2017, from Guy Tal:

Creative expression – the pursuit of expressing your own thoughts, feelings and ideas; and doing so by way of novel visual creations – also rewards in less obvious ways:  it liberates you from expectations, from caring about what others are doing or how you measure up. To choose creative expression is, in a literal way, to set yourself free, to allow yourself to grow and to explore as an artist and as a person; to share with the world something ensuing out of your own mind and heart, rather than just your mastery of setting an alarm clock, driving a car, and operating a camera
. . . But in those times when I am inspired, when I am wholly engaged in my work emotionally and intellectually, and more so when my efforts are successful, the feeling is one of rapturous joy that is beyond my ability to express in either words or images. And any other photographic experience seems bland and lacking in comparison.