Things that are right in front of us

Inspired by two books this week.

The first, a novel by Rachel Joyce, The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy. I came across this epistolary novel at a local coffee shop/used book store. Five pages in, I was hooked by love and letters.

“You see? How many times have we come this way? And I’ve never noticed that.” I looked where you were indicating, and you laughed. “Funny, Queenie, how we miss so much.”

The second, a favorite that I know well, 3191: Evenings, featuring diptychs from the dear Maria Alexandra Vetesse and Stephanie Congdon Barnes. I recall my excitement over finding this book, signed by the two authors, in the Strand Book Store in NYC among thousands of books, just sitting on the shelf waiting for me. I am by nature an early bird as the promises of morning catapult me from bed, but the evening holds its own glory in the calm and quiet and the fading light.

And so it is that today’s pictures were taken in the those sweet hours just before sunset, when the light is even and easy, of familiar places and scenes I’ve passed hundreds of times and now noticed with wonder as if for the first time.