july 4th

Happy Independence Day!

I'm on afternoon break between this morning's Heritage Festival 5-miler and the fireworks this evening. I love these days, where I am deep into my passion and the work seems effortless.

I met my friend, Jane, early this morning for the 5-mile race. Our goals were pretty simple - run as much as we could and walk when we couldn't go further. We had a blast! Sweaty, hot, tired and exhilarated. After the run, we stopped at Eileen's Bakery and Cafe for our usual healthy California wrap with added fruit and blueberry scones and iced coffee. Then we headed downtown to wander around the craft festival and listen to music. By happenstance, an old friend of mine and her band were playing this gig. Patsy and the Country Classics had the crowd tapping their toes and clapping their hands to old favorites by the likes of Merle Haggard and Patsy Cline.

Our community was in fine form this morning, and we stopped to talk to friends along the way and admire the handmade items. The scent of cotton candy and funnel cakes, the cool spray of the misting tent, and the general good nature of folks made me realize just how blessed I am to live in this country where freedom reigns - and I can take pictures of it all.