One of the many benefits of photography as a hobby is the way it can help pass the time.

We waited in Culpeper for the train from Atlanta, the Crescent, bringing our son home from a visit to his boyfriend. By the schedule, the train was due at 8 am, but travel seldom follows a schedule and his train arrival time was adjusted to 10:30 am. My husband had his book, so he was occupied and happy. I had my camera and was likewise occupied and happy.

The mid-morning sun was already bright, and I was unsure how to take a picture that might reveal the timeless nature of a small town train station. It wasn’t until I got home and viewed the pictures on my monitor that I could see the strong elements of contrast, and the potential for black and white.

I love these pictures, those that heighten my awareness so that I see without judgment, shapes and lines and light and form.

The conversion to black and white was simple with beautiful film-like results thanks to Rebecca Lily Presets. A generous, kind-hearted, and creative photographer, Rebecca makes professionally handcrafted presets that help photographers express their own unique and individual style.