words, letters, signs and such

My intention was to enjoy a latte, read my latest library book, Your Idea Starts Here by Carolyn Eckert, and let my thoughts percolate. Turning the pages of this bright, colorful, inspiring book I just couldn't sit still. I found myself nodding my head with every page, longing to take the ideas and make them my own.

My thoughts turned to the ViewFinders theme of the month, Words. I'd already taken a few photos that seemed to fit the theme, and yet it seemed worth the time to take a second look, to sharpen my observation skills, and to perhaps take the theme a little less literally. What if I expanded my concept of words?

Unfortunately, I had left my camera at home, planning to take a break. The only camera I had with me was the one on my smartphone. I know there are legions of people who take gorgeous photos with their camera phones . . . and I am not one of them. I never seem to be able to get the hang of it. I especially struggle with how to hold the dang phone so the pictures are not all wonky. Anyway, since this was the only available camera, and the choice was to go little or go home, I ventured out for a walk in the blocks surrounding the coffee shop, carrying my smart little phone and my library book.

It happens more often than I acknowledge, that unfortunate becomes fortunate. And there were lessons in seeing and thinking that unleashed my creativity.

Words can convey meaning quite literally on signs and such.

Words can be slogans and titles and even a single word can convey strong emotion and deep feelings. Sorry,

Words can be broken down into letters, too . . . B,C,D . . . what happened to A?

Words can be implied as in you'd better not park here.

Words can explain, why do we keep the curtains closed on this lovely summer day?, and make us laugh, no guns or gold bought here, and encourage us to keep an open mind or try out something old that is new again, think film.

I really love how one idea leads to another . . . when I keep my mind open.