prayer, a found cat, and world peace

I look forward to the photographs, thoughtful stories, and ponderings of the women of ViewFinders. They open their hearts and share their talents, believing . . . that photography is a solo pursuit made much more enjoyable when practiced with the support of a community. In accordance with their commitment to community, they set out a theme for each month and invite friends to share their pictures on Instagram.

I’ve been playing with this month’s theme of Words.

I struggle with words. Trying to make them express my thoughts clearly, it feels as though I am chasing them down in a game of tag or seeking to their hiding. I cajole them toward bold truthfulness, but they fall back to platitudes, clichés or simple niceties.  I long for deep over wide.

I believe I can change my world by changing the words I use . . . and there are signs everywhere of the power of words to bring solace, hope, and renewal.

I only need to open my eyes to see the beauty of words.