sitting on the docks

The docks along the river feel like home to me. Sometimes I sit on the bench along the river and enjoy my morning coffee. Sometimes Dave and I stop by the docks on evening rides. We watch folks fishing and listen to conversations about weather and what’s happening around town.  

In all this time, I’ve never actually seen anyone catch a fish. This is true.

On a recent evening, I stopped to talk to two fishermen who assured me they did indeed catch fish on the Rappahannock at the City Docks. I said, “Sure, I bet you do,” but I doubted it.

A few minutes later, the man with the fishing pole waved his arms and yelled to me, “Look, we caught a fish. You wanna take a picture?”

What self-respecting photographer wouldn’t respond to such an invitation? I ran over to their fishing spot and aimed my camera at the little fish (a perch, I think) twirling on the line. I didn’t have the nerve to ask, “Please hold that fish still, or better yet, can you pose with it?” I took the picture anyway, against the backdrop of soft pinks and blues reflected on the river. Not well-focused or creatively composed, but my first catch.

Walking away, I could hear the guys talking about the fish that was too small. I watched from a distance as they tossed him back into the river.

All we have in life is time, and this is how I want to spend mine.