You've Got Mail

It’s my pleasure to introduce my letter-writing friend, Miss Polly.

I met my pen pal, Miss Polly, by way of Uppercase magazine when my photographs were published in the issue that featured postage stamps as tiny works of art (Issue 26: July-August-September 2015).  We’ve been sending letters back and forth ever since.

A friendship developed through letters is one that grows slowly with deep roots.

If you’ve stopped sending letters and cards in favor of emails or texts, you’re missing out. You can Kindle Your Letter-Writing Fire by reading and learning about some of Miss Polly’s favorite letter-writing tools and tips for correspondence.   

As I dropped my cards and letters in the mail slot, I tried to take a picture or two. It’s not easy to deposit the mail with one hand and take a photograph with the other hand. My arms are too short! A lady driving up to the mailbox to post her letters noticed what I was trying to accomplish and shouted out, “Take my picture. I’ve gotta pay these bills or else!”